About Mr. Rajendra V. Suryawanshi

Mr. Rajendra Suryawanshi

Born & brought up in Nashik Mr. Rajendra Suryawanshi completed his civil engineering from pune university, with always having attraction & interest in the field of investment he started trading in stock market on his own. Initially as he was new in the field of stock market like others he saw ups & downs, but the turning point came when he incurred huge losses in the year 1991 but this was the real beginning for Mr. Suryawanshi, he extensively thought that every trader who trades on a trading terminal of broker suffers losses, but who is the other expert person who gains this money & Mr. Suryawanshi started the journey of research & analysis to become that very "Expert Person". But the process of becoming that "Expert Person" was not so easy where in the world of stock market nobody was giving assurance of earning money consistently. So it was difficult task of continuous research & practical experiences. Mr. Suryawanshi spent his long 8 years to study & come to a conclusion & has developed his own strategy of getting good earning's consistently which is benefiting the investors for past one decade & making Rajendra Suryawanshi & Co. a name of trust , quality, growth & assurance.

Pair Trading Services

To Avoid the Ups and Downs of share market and it diverse effects on investment pair trade strategy is the best way to trade.

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Unique Call Service

Calls are charged at 1000 inr per successful call.
No monthly or time limit service.

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